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18 Recipes for a Festive Hanukkah BY Marissa Solomon
The Urgency of Now: Six Ways to Take Action in the New Political Landscape BY Rabbi Jonah Dov Pesner
South Lands, a Poem for Parashah Vayeitzei BY Julia Knobloch
Passing the Torah in the Search for Meaning BY Rabbi Sharon G. Forman
Collage of Hanukkah foods including latkes and truffled gelt

If you’re looking for some delicious, oil-filled recipes for your Hanukkah celebration this year, look no further. has traditional and original recipes to make your Hanukkah meals fun, fabulous, and perhaps best of all, fried.

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Globe with a Band-aid across the United States

The deeply polarizing 2016 election elevated rifts in our social fabric, underscored the pain of those who feel excluded from our evolving economy and culture, and emphasized a persistent distrust and scapegoating of “the other.” Throughout the campaign, we heard violent, exclusionary, and racist rhetoric in ways not seen in mainstream politics in a generation. We witnessed thinly veiled allusions to centuries-old anti-Semitic propaganda, hate crimes against Muslims, and deplorable actions and threats against marginalized populations.

Our tradition’s ageless and enduring call of...

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Sandy Negev Desert again blue skies

The night after Be’er Sheba brings no dreams. Morning birds sail through the canyon. In the still air, their choreography lingers; small sounds of peace. From somewhere, a sheep bleats.

Rapidly, the sun rises higher, warms the stones. The same smell emanated from the wall in the city, that tangible smell of two thousand years and more of pleading and screaming; absorbed by the desert. Forgive me for cursing in your presence.

Parched is the skin of my feet making their way through a dry wadi. Piety becomes a natural state as I go further south, seeking wisdom in a barren...

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Wooden nested dolls un-nested

This year, as summer folded into fall, we celebrated our son Josh becoming a bar mitzvah. Before he chanted from the handwritten letters inside the Torah scroll, our rabbi called to the bimah (pulpit) the generations that have preceded him. Like a small acapella singing group, my husband and I, my parents, and my mother-in-law gathered to pass the Torah to Josh – physically and metaphorically.

Dubbed “the Torah pass” by the founding rabbi who started the tradition in our congregation, our rabbi has continued this emotional ritual. Holding the scroll aloft then cradling it, he walks...

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Aeriel view of Jerusalem skyline

One of the defining questions of Jewish peoplehood in our time is: “Who is a Jew?” Recently, members of the Israeli government have been introducing legislation that would rollback many of the basic rights we have won over the past decades. The most recent target is the the right of Reform and Conservative converts in Israel to be recognized as Jews.

Fifteen years ago, we at the Israel Religious Action Center filed a lawsuit demanding that people converted by Reform and Conservative rabbis in Israel be recognized as Jews and be granted Israeli...

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