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Closeup of a baseball sitting on a dirt baseball field

As a sports fan from the West Coast now living in New York, I’m all too familiar with staying up late to watch my teams on TV. I’m used to long hours, the post-game adrenaline rush, and going to bed at 2:00 a.m. on a weeknight.

I’ve lost the same amount of sleep this week, but it’s been more special. I’ve spent the hours watching Team Israel compete in the World Baseball Classic.


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Black and white image of marchers holding a sign that reads WOMEN OF THE WORLD UNITE

Today is International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women and also to commit to global action to accelerate gender parity. Here are a few of the best resources, articles, and other items we've seen this International Women's Day. Leave a comment to let us know what's missing from the list and to tell us how you're taking action to support women!

  • Here at, we want to know how you try to #BeLikeEsther, standing up for what’s right....
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Two girls jumping in the air on the beach

In the fourth grade, I told my town’s then-mayor about my plans for when I grew up: “I want to be chief justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. I also want to be an author, a civil rights lawyer, a microbiologist, a rabbi, a pediatric surgeon, president, and maybe a history professor. I want to go to every country in the world, speak at least seven languages, have four kids, hold public office, cure malaria, and read every book in my local library.”

Baffled, he took in my long pigtails and pink dress and responded: “But you’re a girl.”

My teacher leaned over my...

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Women at the Kotel holding a prayer shawl over other women who are reading from the Torah

A week has passed, and I am still mentally and emotionally processing my experience chanting Torah for the first time on Rosh Chodesh Adar with Women of the Wall, surrounded by intense hostility, jeers and curses from a large hot headed ultra-Orthodox crowd. What most jarred me was that the majority of hecklers were there for the sole reason of threatening and disturbing our prayer service. Amidst all the noise to drown out our voices – including the broadcasting of the men’s...

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Optimism/pessimism sign

How I am tested by the flow of time… Every day it builds me up and tears me down…

Leah Goldberg in her poem, “Time” Excerpt translated from Hebrew by Reuven Greenvald

More than at any other time, world events are making me both optimist and pessimist.  The values I hold dear, and the processes that have the best hope to actualize those values can, one moment, be lenses for seeing only potential before quickly shifting to become harsh judgments on a worrisome state of affairs.

Last summer, when Gold Star father Khizr Khan pulled a U.S. Constitution out of his coat...

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