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Baseball and glove sitting on a vibrant green grass field

In baseball, they say time begins on Opening Day, which happened last week. Everyone has a chance for a fresh start. Most of the old familiar names are back, although some have new addresses. If you count Detroit Tigers manager Brad Ausmus, there are nine Jews who begin the year on Major League rosters. But then there’s the question of what to do about Ty Kelly of the New York Mets: Is he or isn’t he? That’s still a matter of debate among those who decide on such matters.

The 28-year-old utility player was added to the roster just before Monday's opener against the Atlanta Braves...

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Arial view of Masada

Aretha Franklin lays it all out on the greasy diner floor, truly giving us something to “Think” about as she attempts to keep her husband from running off with Jake and Elwood Blues. Freedom is the frame through which the song is remembered, just as freedom is the lens through which we see our past. Shared responsibility, communal memory, and the possibility of a strong future all emanate from the iconic Windy City Diva (provided her husband doesn’t run off, that is).

Living in Israel for double chai (36) years, the seven I...

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Jews digging a trench during World War II in Ponar Lithuania

“NOVA”’s terrific new one-hour film, “Holocaust Escape Tunnel,” is a reminder that in an era of alternative facts, science and history still can separate fact from fiction. The documentary explores the near destruction of one of the most important Jewish communities in history.

Prior to World War II, Jews comprised half the population of Vilnius, Lithuania, known in Yiddish as Vilna. Through a combination of survivor and descendant accounts, interviews with historians, archival films, and the findings of an international team of archeologists led by Dr. Richard Freund and Dr. Jon...

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Elaborately set seder table awaiting diners

In my childhood, as one of a few Jewish families in central Maine, our family celebrated Passover by ourselves. Although it has always been my favorite holiday, I never invited any of my non-Jewish friends – which was all of my friends – to join us when I was a child.

Since moving to a tiny island off the coast of Maine 12 years ago, though, I've made it a tradition to host a giant seder, inviting island friends from all walks of life to fill the table. There are farmers and fishermen, new residents and people whose families...

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Individual hands each holding a puzzle piece

One of the most resonant prayers in the new Reform prayer book, Mishkan T’filah, didn’t start out as a prayer at all.

Standing on the parted shores of history we still believe what we were taught before ever we stood at Sinai’s foot; that wherever we go, it is eternally Egypt that there is a better place, a promised land; that the winding way to that promise passes through the wilderness. That there is no way to get from here to there except by joining hands, marching together.

This prayer is a...

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