Emotional Chametz: A Meditation for Passover

Rabbi Emily Langowitz
Remember where you were on Passover - or at this time of year - in years past. Perhaps in the company of some in this room, perhaps with family or friends, maybe in a different place than you expected. Another year has passed, and with it, joys and challenges, good and bad.

Awe: What Does Judaism Teach Us?

Hanan Harchol
Jewish Food for Thought is a series of animations that distill Jewish teachings into a form that is accessible, entertaining, funny, and fresh. Created by Hanan Harchol, with study guides authored by Rabbi Leora Kaye, the project is funded by The Covenant Foundation, with fiscal sponsorship by The Foundation for...

Mourning and Loss

Hanan Harchol
Losing a loved one is a natural part of life, and yet, when it happens it can be profoundly overwhelming. In this animation, Hanan and Daddy are on on their way to a Shiva, and Hanan is wondering what he can say to comfort the mourner.