holy community

Kosher parchment; commonly refers to parchment inscribed with specific biblical verses (Deuteronomy 6:4-9, 11:13-21) and placed within a mezuzah case.

The Jewish community or the whole of Israel; often used to refer to Jewish unity or solidarity.

Tearing the garment or black ribbon worn by immediate mourners (spouse, parents, children, siblings).


"Acceptance of the commandments;" a ger's intent to live a Jewish life.

“Receiving Shabbat.” A special collection of prayers recited to welcome Shabbat on Friday evening. 

An Aramaic prayer recited in several iterations during a worship service. One iteration is Kaddish Yatom (Mourner’s Kaddish), which is recited by mourners (immediate family members) during the mourning period immediately following death, and on the yahrzeit (anniversary of a death).

"Bride;" plural: kallot

A conclave or retreat; plural: kallot

A green herb or vegetable (parsley, celery, watercress) used as part of the Passover seder to symbolize spring and rebirth.

One’s personal intention or direction of the heart when praying or performing mitzvot; the intentions and devotions individuals bring to their own prayer; often juxtaposed with keva.