Prayer for the Peace of the State of Israel

Our God and the God of our fathers and mothers,

The God of the Fear of Isaac, the God of Yael,

God of the good spirit of Saul,

God of Israel.

Please, with the great force of Your right hand,

For them, if not for you,

Fence us with the boundaries of the sea, the east, north and south,

Cover our skies under the wing of your Divine Presence.

Give wisdom and understanding to our elders and our ministers

Distance from them any dishonorable deed

Lead them in path of the just and the good, for we have put our lives in their hands.

Sit our judges on thrones of justice and enlighten their hearts with Your Torah,

So that they may walk blamelessly before You.

Please, with the great force of Your right hand,

Spread over the protectors of our land the canopy of Your peace,

Lift Your hand over them, save them from all enemy and ambush, from all bullets that threaten their souls.

Given them strength and heart, to distinguish between enemy and lover between the people of wickedness and the people of Abraham.

Please, with the great force of Your right hand,

Guard the state of Israel, Your daughter whom you have chosen

For the sake of exalting Your name among all the inhabitants of the world,

Please with force,

Please without use of force.

- Rabbi Ofer Sabath Beit-Halachmi, Congregation Tzur-Hadassah (Translation: Rabbi Rachel Sabath Beit-Halachmi)