Leigh Lerner

Earning Forgiveness

D'Var Torah By: Rabbi David Segal

A pious and beloved but poorly dressed Chasidic rebbe took a lengthy train ride to teach Torah in a town far away. The well-to-do passenger seated next to him subjected him to insult and verbal abuse for most of the ride.

The Standing Jew Plan

D'Var Torah By: Leigh Lerner

Atem nitzavim hayom , "You are standing this day…." (Deuteronomy 29:9) In this week's parashah, Nitzavim , all Israel stands as a sign of respect, just as we do during the Amidah , the worship service's central prayer.

The Night Elijah Came to Temple

Leigh Lerner
Despite the shoots and blossoms promised by the parsley on our seder plate, Pesach in St. Paul can feel more like the end of winter than the beginning of spring. Inside the social hall of Minnesota's Mt. Zion Temple, 150 congregants found warmth at our community seder. Dinner had just been served when a staff member whispered, "There's someone at the door."