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Recognizing Torah Voices

Among the most exquisite stories in all of Tanach is Genesis 27, Isaac's blessing of Jacob. In this essay I wish to highlight the artistry of this author.

D'var Torah By: 
The Truth about Good and Bad Twins
Davar Acher By: 
Lori B. Sagarin

Dr. Aaron masterfully and elegantly outlines the literary and artistic setup of Parashat Tol'dot, arguably one of the most gripping tales in the Torah.

Hearing Is Believing

The Torah has a way of conveying great drama in concise language.

D'var Torah By: 
What We Want to Hear
Davar Acher By: 
Eric Polokoff

Two girls from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania were nervously riding a New York City subway. They relaxed when seeing a familiar sight. Upon spotting a Chasid one whispered to the other, "'Look!

Predestined to Fail

Our children will be guarantors. According to a midrash, that is the promise God exacted for giving the Torah to the Jewish people.

D'var Torah By: 
Digging Wells and Planting Seeds
Davar Acher By: 
Josh Davidson

The Torah devotes only one short chapter to Isaac's adult years, and in many ways the highlights of Genesis 26 are but a "digging up" of stories we already know from Abraham's lifetime.

Blessing: Not a Zero-Sum Game

We've come to think of the twins Jacob and Esau as yin and yang, good guy and bad seed. But if we read the story with more sensitivity, we will note that neither character plays strictly to type.

D'var Torah By: 
Parenting 101
Davar Acher By: 
Noah Chertkoff

Parenting 101: If you have a favorite child, don't let your children know it.

Helicopter Parents and the Jewish Future

The Book of Genesis is full of unethical behavior or, at the least, highly questionable actions by our matriarchs and patriarchs.

D'var Torah By: 
The Vision and Image of Isaac
Davar Acher By: 
David Komerofsky

Our daily prayers include a remembrance of the parents of the Jewish people, the patriarchs and matriarchs through whose merit we try to gain some favor in our own lives.


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