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With eight nights to celebrate, Hanukkah is a wonderful holiday for families to enjoy together – especially if there are teens in the house or in your extended family.

How much do you know about Israel? Take this quiz, created by the folks at NFTY - The Reform Jewish Youth Movement.

The Passover Seder is the ultimate educational experience. It is an interactive method of story-telling, a learning (and re-learning) of our people's ancient memory, and navigating through text and time and tradition to make that story our own. Use this resource to engage in a dialogue with your teen, or as a starting point for them to lead a seder table discussion.

While the promise of fun may be the first motivator to join, the long-term effects of the youth group experience drive NFTY’s teens to stay involved in Jewish communal life long after high school has ended. Read on to find out if NFTY is right for your teen.

Spend the most thrilling summer of your life travelling across Israel. Get your hands dirty learning about alternative solutions to environmental and ecological issues. Earn high school or college credit through learning and living on a kibbutz. Travel to Prague and Poland to see first-hand how Israel has been shaped by Jewish history around the world. 

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