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The Eternal One spoke to Moses, saying, "Phinehas, son of Eleazar son of Aaron the priest, has turned back My wrath from the Israelites by displaying among them his passion for Me, so that I did not wipe out the Israelite people in My passion." - Numbers 25:10-11

  • Pinchas is rewarded for killing the Israelite and the Midianite woman who cursed God. (25:10–15)
  • Israel fights a war against the Midianites. (25:16-18)
  • A second census is taken. (26:1–65)
  • The daughters of Zelophehad force a change in the laws of property inheritance. (27:1–11)
  • Joshua is chosen to be Moses' successor. (27:15–23)
  • The sacrificial ritual for all festival occasions is described in detail. (28:1–30:1)

When do we read Pinchas?

2016 Jul 30 /24 Tammuz, 5776
2017 Jul 15 /21 Tammuz, 5777
2018 Jul 7 /24 Tammuz, 5778


  • By Steven Kushner

    The story of the daughters of Zelophehad (Numbers 27:1-11) has all of the earmarks of a Jane Austen novel: the disenfranchisement and injustices borne by women surrounding the question of inheritance rights; the formal but respectful articulation of the grievances of those women; the dramatic and triumphant vindication of their plight and plea.

    The story starts out revolving around the issue of land allotments in anticipation of the Israelites settling the land of Canaan. Ownership of land was an essential component of the society of ancient Israel. This was a people that wandered, a migrant nation, a community of slaves. The idea of owning property, of having something permanent that would endure into the future and could be handed down from generation to generation was a central value. But it applied only to men.

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