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Israeli Cuisine

Israeli Cuisine

Israeli Cuisine

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Israeli Cuisine

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  • I learned this recipe in a cooking class and it turned out to be a very successful dish with a surprising flavor combination. 

  • Combining fruits and vegetables in salads is very Israeli. Oranges, in particular, are identified with Israel and this recipe pairs them with fennel for an unusual flavor combo. A variation of this combination also exists i




  • This dish combines both cooked and raw vegan items, including some of the most flavorful ingredients in the Mediterranean cuisine.

  • Packed with fresh herbs, these fish kebabs are bursting with flavor. Since there are no binding ingredients like eggs, the secret is to knead the mixture like dough to break down the proteins. The kebabs are good on their own, but even better with the creamy yellow tahini sauce.

  • Schnitzel is a very popular preparation served on Shabbat around the world. Its origins are Austrian, and it refers to any meat, pounded thin, coated with some breading, and then pan-fried.