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Learn about the women who, in the late 19th century, were determined to partake fully in the Zionist endeavor, aspiring to be equal partners with men in making the barren land bloom.

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Historical Sites in Northern Israel

When you think of Northern Israel, you may picture taking in beautiful vineyards, hiking in the Golan Heights or swimming in the Kinneret, and you would be correct.

Tel Hazor

Historical Sites in Southern Israel

The South of Israel houses some of the country's most interesting and unique historical sites, many of which have been named on UNESCO's World Heritage list.

Western Wall

Ancient Jerusalem

Jerusalem is a city alive with history- in fact, due to a municipal law requiring all buildings to be faced with Jerusalem stone, even the McDonald's looks ancient!

Or Torah Synagogue

Historic and Significant Synagogues in Israel

For thousands of years, the Jewish people have created beautiful houses of worship.

Independence Hall

An Inside Look into the Founding of the State of Israel

Tourists can celebrate the miracle of Israel's founding by visiting sites dedicated to the events surrounding the creation of the Jewish State.