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Historical Sites

Tourists can celebrate the miracle of Israel's founding by visiting sites dedicated to the events surrounding the creation of the Jewish State.

For thousands of years, the Jewish people have created beautiful houses of worship.

When you think of Northern Israel, you may picture taking in beautiful vineyards, hiking in the Golan Heights or swimming in the Kinneret, and you would be correct.

Jerusalem is a city alive with history. In fact, because of a municipal law that requires all buildings to be faced with Jerusalem stone, even the McDonald's looks ancient!

The South of Israel houses some of the country's most interesting and unique historical sites, many of which have been named on UNESCO's World Heritage list.

Housed in the citadel known as the Tower of David, the museum presents the history of Jerusalem through the last 4,000 years.

These two-thousand year old scrolls contain the earliest evidence for the Torah in the world.

At the heart of Jerusalem's Old City sits the Western Wall or Kotel, as it’s known in Hebrew.   For thousands of centuries, Jews hav

The Dead Sea has been a source of fascination for thousands of years.

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