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Give Children Tools for Reflection

Mirrors of Reflection

  1. Purchase an inexpensive mirror for each child at a dollar or craft store.
  2. Give children various media--sponge pieces, sequins, beads, glitter-- to decorate around the frame.
  3. Tell the children to look in their mirror when they need to think about themselves and make decisions about how to act.

Traffic Lights for Reflection

Use a traffic light to stop (RED), reflect (YELLOW) and go to new things (GREEN).

  1. Use a rectangle of paper for the traffic light base and circles of red, yellow and green for the lights.
  2. Under the red, write "Stop and think."
  3. Under the yellow, place a circle of tin foil, metallic paper or a small round 3-inch mirror and write "Reflect."
  4. Under the green, write, "Go make a difference."
  5. Chant: Red on top! Stop! Stop! Stop! Yellow in the middle, reflect a little! Green below! Now go, go, go!