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Screencap of panel on Meet the Press featuring Rabbi David Saperstein

Rabbi David Saperstein, senior adviser to the URJ and director emeritus of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, was a recent guest on a Meet the Press special discussion about the role of religious leaders during a period of heightened political rhetoric. He joined a panel alongside Bishop T.D. Jakes and Pastor JoAnn Hummel, moderated by Chuck Todd.

Torah scrolls wrapped with pink fabric ties

In the lead-up to the Christian celebration of Easter, which took place on Sunday and overlapped with Passover, the Pew Research Center shared data about the way religious Americans view their holy texts. Here are highlights from the Jewish end of things:

About a third of Americans (35%) say they read scripture at least once a week, while 45% seldom or never read scripture, according to 2014 data from Pew’s Religious Landscape Study – but 65% of Jews say they seldom or never read scripture. Three-quarters of Christians believe the Bible is the word of God, and 83% of Muslims believe... Read More

The song "Dayenu," Hebrew for "It would've been enough," is a Passover staple, with 15 stanzas dedicated to God's gifts to the Jewish people. It goes:

If God had brought us out from Egypt but had not carried out judgments against them, dayenu, it would have been enough.

If Godhad carried out judgments against them but not against their idols, dayenu, it would have been enough.

If God had destroyed their idols but had not smitten their first-born, dayenu, it would have been enough...

...and so on.

But what about a "Dayenu" for the 21st century?...

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In a recent Facebook Live event, food editor Tina Wasserman showed us how to make her famous Passover granola while she and co-host Rabbi Leora Kaye took viewer questions. Missed the live event? Fret not: You can watch the whole thing, archived online, and even continue to ask them your holiday-related questions!

Check out the video below or on our Facebook page (and forgive us about two minutes bad connection of glitchiness starting at the 6:30 mark), then ask your questions or share your commentary either here or over on the Facebook post itself.

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Bride and groom holding hands but faces arent visible

As I plan my wedding, I'm surprised by how often I've been asked whether my fiancé and I will be having a Jewish wedding. It's the one question we've heard the most, from Jewish and non-Jewish friends alike.

My fiancé, Mike, grew up Catholic but is now an atheist; I grew up Jewish, work for a Reform Jewish organization, and identify as culturally Jewish but spiritually agnostic. Reform Judaism, as a community and a movement, is really important to me, and I've always envisioned having a Jewish wedding, which is fine by Mike.

Here are some of the Jewish elements we're...

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