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Ten Minutes of Torah

Holocaust survivor Sol Rosenkranz

When author June Hersh interviewed Holocaust survivors for her first book Recipes Remembered, a cookbook of their stories and recipes, she bare

Deborah Rood Goldman
kids in white shirts viewed from the back

Author Helen Fine’s 1961 At Camp Kee Tov takes (mostly) young readers to an eponymous summer camp much like any o

Cantor Jacqueline Marx
A row of lit votive candles

I wasn’t one of the six million who died in the Shoah,
I wasn’t even among the survivors.
And I wasn’t one of the six hundred thousand who went out of Egypt…

Rabbi Reuven Greenvald
Two Syrian refugee sisters reuniting at the airport in Chicago

I have told the Passover story over and over, year after year – tasting bitterness, weeping salty tears, making mortar for bri

Rabbi Steven Stark Lowenstein
Hanging kitchen utensils

Beyond four cups, four children, and four questions, there’s a fourth set of four to consider, as if we didn’t already have enough.

Rabbi Dennis S. Ross
Arial view of Masada

Aretha Franklin lays it all out on the greasy diner floor, truly giving us something to “Think” about as she attempts to keep her

Uri M. Feinberg
Individual hands each holding a puzzle piece

One of the most resonant prayers in the new Reform prayer book, Mishkan T’filah, didn’t start out as a prayer a

Rabbi Jessica Oleon Kirschner
Colored pencils -- points up -- in a container

From the narrow straits I cried out to God. God answered me and delivered me to the wide places.
Psalm 118, Verse 5

Rabbi Lisa Silverstein Tzur
Child's finger pointing to page in haggadah

“Mom, what’s with the four dozen green onions?”

“They’re for the seder table – go put one at each place, please.”

Cantor Rosalie Boxt
Row of young people on various personal electronic devices

The third cup of wine always does me in.

Rabbi Anthony Fratello


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