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Other Holidays

Horse drawn cart in mid-1940s omer festival on Israeli kibbutz

Ear of grain in the field, bowed in the wind
from the weight of its seed, which is great…
Arise, o arise,
look, children of the villages. 

Rabbi Reuven Greenvald
Two couples smiling into the camera while wearing green St Patricks Day attire

My dad died when I was 10, both of his parents already long gone before him. He left behind one sister, my aunt, but I haven’t seen her since I was 13.

Kate Bigam
Groundhog sitting on a tree stump against a green background

Another Groundhog Day is here.

Rabbi Steven Stark Lowenstein
String of different types of lights outdoors in the dark
Rabbi Marc Rosenstein

I always loved Hanukkah.

Bruce Feiler
Scrabble tiles spelling out the word THANKS

Thanksgiving is not merely a day of feasting but a duty of faith.

Yesterday we gathered for a bountiful Thanksgiving Dinner.

Rabbi David Wirtschafter

I first learned about Tu B’Av during the summer I began rabbinical school in 1996.

Rabbi Susan N. Shankman

The saddest period in the Jewish yearly cycle takes place in the summer months.

Rabbi Jordi Schuster Battis
Plant growing out of dry earth

At this time of year in Israel, heat again bakes ancient stone. The land is parched, and it is easy to fall prey to fear.

Rabbi Jordana Schuster Battis

A 30-year-old woman arrived in the emergency room, bleeding internally from an infection in her abdomen. She needed surgery – immediately.

Daniel Reisel


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