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Curious little girl standing in front of a blackboard with question marks chalked on it

Passover offers us the chance to learn in multiple ways and to think about some of the most important Jewish values.

Rabbi Leora Kaye
Bride and groom holding hands but faces arent visible

As I plan my wedding, I'm surprised by how often I've been asked whether my fiancé and I will be having a Jewish wedding.

Kate Bigam
Two couples smiling into the camera while wearing green St Patricks Day attire

My dad died when I was 10, both of his parents already long gone before him. He left behind one sister, my aunt, but I haven’t seen her since I was 13.

Kate Bigam
Thumbs up toward the sky

Like any child, growing up I relied on the support of my parents. Due to my severe learning disabilities, this support was even more essential.

Joseph D. Robbins
Blond mother looking down as she tries to soothe a crying baby she holds in her arms

My beautiful, screaming daughter was born May 30th.

Rabbi Sandra Cohen
Desktop with typewriter pens crumpled paper and ope notebook

Dear Mom,

Cantor Sheila Nesis
Hanukkah lights in the window

Growing up, my friends and I exulted in the Hanukkah practice of receiving one gift on each night.

Rabbi Victor S. Appell
Hanukkah menorah with eight candles and the shamash all burning

I had a completely different essay about Hanukkah all worked out in my head – all about the chag (holiday) and light and

Stacey Zisook Robinson
Closeup of a pinecone wreath with berries

For the first time, I have placed a wreath on the front door of my home on the island of North Haven, Maine. I bid for it at the PTO auction.

Courtney Naliboff
Candles burning in a hanukkiah

I'm excited that I’m going home and will be with my family for the holidays, but I’m also a little anxious. This will be my first Christmas as a Jew.

Zoe Goodman


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