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Baseball and glove sitting on a vibrant green grass field

In baseball, they say time begins on Opening Day, which happened last week. Everyone has a chance for a fresh start. Most of the old familiar names are back, although some have new addresses.

Ron Kaplan (JTA)
Closeup of a womans hands holding a book as she reads on a lawn

You know the story: When the Israelites made their exodus from Egypt, they fled in such haste that they did not have time to grab even some light reading.

Victor Wishna (JTA)
Side profile of a woman wearing a white top and a skirt mde of toilet paper rolls against a white background

Israeli filmmaker Nitzan Gilady’s feature film, Wedding Doll (Hatuna MeNiyar) tells the story of Hagit, a young woman with a mild int

Daphne Macy
Team Israel standing shoulder to shoulder in the dugout while wearing blue and white uniforms and kippot

A couple weeks ago, Adam Atkins didn't know Israel had a baseball team.

Andrew Tobin (JTA)
Two men in synagogue balcony, one in tallit and phylacteries

At 26, Csanad Szedgedi was the poster boy of Hungary’s burgeoning far-right nationalist party.

Aron Hirt-Manheimer
The four main actresses in Girls pose in front together in brightly colored outfits

The HBO series Girls may no longer be the definitive show of the millennial generation — but as it enters its sixth and final season this week, it remains relevant in myriad ways.

Gabe Friedman (JTA)
Groundhog sitting on a tree stump against a green background

Another Groundhog Day is here.

Rabbi Steven Stark Lowenstein
Four musicians playing in front of a room of viewers

On Thursday, Jan.

Kate Bigam
A new exhibit at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum allows visitors to video chat with refugees

He'd rather talk to young women than answer my insistent line of questioning.

Ron Kampeas (JTA)
YouTube screenshot of girls in school uniforms smiling while holding an open Torah scroll

In 2009, during my first year as a rabbi, I wrote a song called “Rise Up.” I wrote it as a celebration of the teachings of the Biblical Prophet Amos, Rev. Dr.

Rabbi Micah Lapidus


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