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I really struggle with my Passover preparations each year. I am always busy, busy, busy, and I have trouble finding the time to do the rigorous cleaning that I’d like to do.

That’s an excuse, I know. In reality, I also have a deeper, spiritual challenge with it.

Traditionally, Jews are supposed to clean their whole house of breadcrumbs and any signs of chametz (leavening) prior to Passover. Nothing is to be left in the house. Each year as Passover approaches, I try to make the time to clean out the refrigerator, freezer, and pantry. I try to do a thorough cleaning of the...

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This is a prayer in response to the massive mudslide in Snohomish County, WA. It’s an adaption of two prayers that I originally wrote for the people of Haiti and have subsequently revised for other places hit by major storms and disasters, including Japan, New Zealand and the Philippines. If you are affected by the mudslide or know people who might be, please read these important FAQs from the Snohomish County Government.

God beyond my understanding, The earth has turned violent, Sweeping our brothers and sisters off their feet, Crushing and drowning homes and lives In a torrent...

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Last fall, my granddaughter Ariella became a bat mitzvah in California, and made us very proud and happy.

There are moments in life which define us. There is a before and an after that particular event. In the present Jewish practice, a bar or bat mitzvah is one of those cutting moments. A 13-year-old-boy (a bar mitzvah) or a girl (a bat mitzvah) marks a significant transitional period in life by celebrating it with family and friends during a religious ceremony and often with a big party afterwards.

In Hebrew the expression bar/bat mitzvah, usually translated as “son/...

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A hearty mazal tov to the 28 rabbis named to the Jewish Daily Forward's annual list of "America's Most Inspiring Rabbis," released today. On this year's list are 10 Reform rabbis who received ordination from Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, the Reform Movement's seminary. Read on to learn more about these inspirational members of the clergy, and click through to hear from the congregants, colleagues, and friends whose lives they've impacted. And tell us: Who's the most inspiring rabbi in your life?

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When I think about my life All that I’ve seen and done I ask myself: Have I achieved All that I might become…

O… yes!…and no… It is hard to reach all I can be When oppression’s living within me O help me now to end this slavery

How many years of wandering Will it take ‘till I can See my way through wilderness Into my Promised Land?

– "Promised Land” by Joy Weinberg

At this time last year, I was one year, five months, and six days from my 50th birthday. Awed by the impending 5-0, I thought: If I live to 104, as my Aunt Ethel did, my life is at midpoint. If...

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