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Tishah B'Av


Throughout Jewish history, the three weeks before Tishah B’Av have been mournful, even dark. The Babylonian Talmud (Yoma 9b) explains that the Second Temple was destroyed because of “baseless hatred” (sinat chinam). This year, with Hamas rockets and tunnels terrorizing the State of Israel, the day of remembrance took on additional meaning.

Hamas is waging a brutal war against Israel’s very existence. The tunnels are intended to inflict terror and death on Israel’s southern border communities. Israelis and Jews everywhere realize that these threats must be ended. But Israelis know...

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Quite often, I remember my great bobe and zayde (grandma and grandpa) and the little village in Belarus they left to make a life here. I never saw the inside of their village, but I do remember my visits to their home as a child, and can still feel the bristle of my great zayde’s mustache on my cheek when he kissed me and greeted me. I feel called into Jewish activism by their legacy. And tonight I hear them and their generation speaking to me. They are asking: What did you learn from us? What did you learned from what has occurred to us in Europe and then here in the U.S.? What was the...

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Many people wonder why Tishah B'Av continues to matter in modernity. This solemn day of fasting commemorates the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem and exile from the land of Israel. Why continue to mourn these losses in an age when the Jewish people have regained our homeland and rebuilt Jerusalem? After traveling with American Jewish World Service to the Thai-Burmese border this past winter, however, I have rediscovered in Tisha B’Av an eternal call to remember oppression and to act to overcome it.

During my travels with AJWS I had the privilege of meeting with some of the...

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After weeks of missiles falling on Israel and bombs dropping on Gaza, we land on Tishah B’Av. With the day-to-day images of explosions and tunnels so fresh, I wondered how they might connect to my mid-summer night’s struggle with the somber holiday’s relevance.

Tishah B’Av, this year starting on the evening of Aug. 4, is a day on which we are supposed to mourn for the destruction of the First and Second Temples. I say “supposed to” because each year I become less certain - as I suspect is the case for many American Jews - as to why I mourn.

On Tishah B’Av we are forbidden...

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Yesterday began the three-week period leading up to Tishah B’Av (August 4-5 this year), the darkest, saddest day on the Jewish calendar. On Tishah B’Av, we fast and we mourn for the destruction of the ancient temples, as well as many other devastations throughout Jewish history.

The three weeks and the nine days right before Tishah B’Av have certain traditional guidelines and practices to prepare. As Jews, wherever we are in the world, we live our daily lives aware of possible threats. We may not need to be reminded of the current situation, but our faith and our tradition’s...

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