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For as long as I can remember (and even longer, as evidenced through old photos!), I have sat around a table the first night of Passover with a large group of family. From the small dining room at my grandparents’ house to the little-bit-larger dining room in my parents’ home, to the even-larger family room at our old home in Lexington, MA, and finally to the combined dining/family room referred to by our contractor as "the seder room" at our home in Cambridge, MA. The room has always been full – sometimes so full that it felt like the walls must be made of elastic.

This year we...

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I choose to believe that we all have been enslaved at some point in our lives. Perhaps we have been chained to our fears, worries, and doubts. We may have faced addictions, coped with hardship, and sunk to the lowest depths of all that keeps us down. I also believe that we can overcome our bondage with the love and support of friends and family, the glimmers of hope and light that shine upon us when we need it most. With the awareness that we might be slaves, we can stand up to our "inner Pharaohs" and demand as Moses did: Let me go.

This Passover, I will travel to San Francisco...

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When we travel or eat out, many of us are gastronomic adventurers. We crave new tastes and textures. We literally get tastes of cultures. Some of us even break the rules. It might be a daily creamy gelato in Florence on the steps of the Pitti Palace, or an aromatic chai from a street vendor holding court in an alley in Delhi that stick with us; that tell us we are flexible; we are worldly; we are risk-takers; and we can still have fun.

Eating at home, though, is another story. Health concerns, dietary restrictions, or lack of time or interest - it doesn't matter - most of us, tired...

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Yesterday evening, I was invited by Temple Sinai of Washington, D.C. to speak to their seventh grade students about my connection and relationship to Israel as a part of their culminating class on their Israel unit. One of my favorite parts of my job as a legislative assistant at the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism is working with young people, so I was especially excited for my “official” workday to end and to get to speak with the seventh graders of Temple Sinai. The coordinator of the program emailed me and the other speakers ahead of time with the worksheet that each student...

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We all know about Passover, that holiday when we Jews whip out our flat, cracker-like matzah, talk about the massive exodus from Egypt, and drink a whole lot of Manischewitz wine. As it happens, though, there are a few other things you might want to know about Passover! Here are some facts about the holiday that you probably never knew:

Passover is an oldie. Judaism celebrates a lot of holidays. Some are fairly recent, such as Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israeli Independence Day, founded only 66 years ago when Israel was declared a state. Others go back a bit further. Hanukkah, for example,... Read More



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