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Imagine for a second a world in which you are counting down the hours until Passover is over, and you’ll soon be able to satiate your cravings for chametz (leavened bread and other food prohibited on Passover) once again. It’s been a long and arduous week, yet you survived the matzah, and instead of heading straight for the local bagel shop, your friends of other faiths have arrived with gifts of cakes, sweet delicacies, and baked goods to celebrate the end of the holiday with you.

Such was a typical scene at the end of Pesach for the Jews of Morocco – specifically those dwelling...

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Two weeks ago, I got to hang out with President Bill Clinton and some of his staff members when he and his entourage made a campaign visit to Philadelphia. It was an incredible experience and a reminder that our political leaders are human – and as such, there’s much we can learn from them.

We’re in the midst of Passover, the point in the year when we Jews are at our most intentional about what we put into our bodies. With this in mind, one of the most eye-opening moments of the day, for me, was seeing firsthand President Clinton’s commitment to healthy eating on the campaign trail...

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On Sunday, April 24, 2016 – the first day of chol hamo-eid (the intermediate days of Passover) in Israel – two gatherings a mere 400 meters from each other tell a dire modern tale of Jerusalem.

At the Western Wall, the Women of the Wall had planned to come together to conduct a first-ever, all-female priestly blessing, a tradition by which the male descendants of the ancient kohanim (priestly class) bless the community of Israel with words of peace. However, despite all the intentions to fill the prayer space of the Western Wall with women who yearned to fulfill this mitzvah, they...

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As a child, I always loved hearing the Exodus story on Passover: how Moses bravely went to Pharaoh and demanded the Israelites be freed from bondage, setting off a catalytic chain of events that led to their departure from Egypt. But in adulthood upon learning that Moses had a speech impairment, the drama took on new significance for me, because I, too, have a speech impairment due to having cerebral palsy.

Of course, according to several midrashes, the source of Moses' speech disability is open to interpretation, as well as the nature of the impediment itself (a stutter, a lisp, a...

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As you sat at your Passover seder table, you might’ve taken note of feet that didn’t quite reach the floor, of short arms that couldn’t quite reach the charoset, and of pillows not for the lean but for the boost in the seat – and that’s just for your grandparents!

Jews, especially those from Eastern Europe, tend to be short. It’s a little odd then, that basketball was once a game considered the special purview of Jews. Paul Gallico, then-sports editor at the New York Daily News, wrote in the mid-1930s, at a time when Jews dominated the hardwood:

…basketball appeals to the...

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