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The miracle of Hanukkah inspires creativity from all corners of the Jewish world, as evidenced by the emails we get from the proud videographers below. Enjoy, and let us know if you have one to share that we missed!

"Oil" Main Line Reform Temple (Don’t miss the “bloopers” at the end!)

"The Dreidel Song: Hanukkah Rap" Matthew Rissien

Tamar Brower (member of Temple Bat Yahm, Newport Beach, CA) "Chanukah Rap Song"

And of course, we have to include one of our newest favorites…"Eight Nights – Hanukkah Mashup" StandFour

Need a last-minute Hanukkah present for the technology-lover in your life? Apps make great, fun gifts, and if they’re not free, they’re usually only about as expensive as a pair of socks. Brighten your holiday with these eight great Jewish apps – one for every night of of the Festival of Lights – chosen by the staff of URJ 6 Points Sci-Tech Academy, a Reform Jewish summer camp specializing in science and technology. Celebrate Hanukkah the Sci-Tech way!

Super Dreidel: Don’t have a dreidel on hand? No fear – Super Dreidel is here! This app provides two different styles of dreidel game... Read More

Growing up in the Reform community in the US in the 50s and 60s, I remember the constant discussions of the Chanukah-Christmas dilemma. Was it possible to disengage Chanukah from the seasonal linkage to Christmas, and keep it somehow true to its roots? Or was it doomed to be "the Jewish answer to Christmas," which increasingly meant an orgy of shopping and materialism? Could it be kept in its proper proportions as a minor post-biblical holiday...

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I’m pretty sure my family coined the term Christmukkah. We were interfaith hipsters, once we realized that the alternative, Festivus, wasn’t really for the restofus. My family began blending two faiths at a time when rumor had it that my bubbie had to pay off the cantor at her shul to marry her son to a Catholic; a time when my parents could only find one congregation in a 30-mile radius that welcomed interfaith families in practice, not just in theory.

As a result I grew up in a predominantly Christian suburb as an ambassador for the Jewish people. The experience was a sliding...

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The holly and tinsel are once more in store windows. Lights are strung on houses all down the lane. Carolers are warming up their voices. Those jingle bells are jingling again. It’s beginning to look a lot like... Hanukkah?

The anecdotes are classic. Our friends and neighbors gear up for the celebration of the year. The weather chills, and many Americans retreat inside for a season of family and gift-giving. Meanwhile, the Jewish community soldiers on, making Hanukkah as bright and joyful as we can. Some of us spend Christmas Day in Chinese restaurants and empty movie theaters....

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