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"Knock, knock." "Who's there?" "Russia." "Russia who?" "Russia Shana."

My mother's curse came true: I have children "just like me."

With imported parents and imported children, I'm the native-born pastrami between two slices of naturalized rye. My parents were born Jewish in Germany; my Asian-born kids converted. Not that they had a choice, of course; their dad and I took them to the mikvah (Jewish ritual bath) well before they hit the age of reason. Our son's b'rit milah (circumcision ritual) didn't occur on the eighth day of his life, but rather on the eighth day of his...

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I’ve got honey in my blood It churns thick with cinnamon warmth Through fall and mid spring Around holiday time

I come from grandparents with honeyblood. It swirled through My Bubby’s cookies, My Zayda’s Yiddish, Old world kitsch never tasted so good.

I grew up nestled in the footsteps of a Jewish mother, And a father Whose parents left their heritage behind For an American DreamWithout curly hair. 

They didn’t know Honey still ran in their blood.

It coursed through Sweet evenings spent lighting candles, Asking questions Always in that order


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I am about to become an empty nester. Years ago, when the kids first started going to camp, my husband and I used to call ourselves “ENITs,” Empty Nesters in Training. Although this long-anticipated event was delayed by my husband’s cancer and too-early death, my days as an ENIT are just about over. Having finally found their wings nearly six years after our loss, my kids are on their way, and I have been thinking about what my life will look like in their absence.

How many people do you know who, when asked about their sukkah, say, “Oh, we stopped putting it up when the kids went...

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The miracle of Hanukkah inspires creativity from all corners of the Jewish world, as evidenced by the emails we get from the proud videographers below. Enjoy, and let us know if you have one to share that we missed!

"Oil" Main Line Reform Temple (Don’t miss the “bloopers” at the end!)

"The Dreidel Song: Hanukkah Rap" Matthew Rissien

Tamar Brower (member of Temple Bat Yahm, Newport Beach, CA) "Chanukah Rap Song"

And of course, we have to include one of our newest favorites…"Eight Nights – Hanukkah Mashup" StandFour

Need a last-minute Hanukkah present for the technology-lover in your life? Apps make great, fun gifts, and if they’re not free, they’re usually only about as expensive as a pair of socks. Brighten your holiday with these eight great Jewish apps – one for every night of of the Festival of Lights – chosen by the staff of URJ 6 Points Sci-Tech Academy, a Reform Jewish summer camp specializing in science and technology. Celebrate Hanukkah the Sci-Tech way!

Super Dreidel: Don’t have a dreidel on hand? No fear – Super Dreidel is here! This app provides two different styles of dreidel game... Read More



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